Dermalux LED Light Therapy


Skin Transformations
LED Light Therapy - Introducing an award winning medically approved device which can treat many skin problems and concerns. 

This treatment is a non invasive treatment to help natural rejuvenation without pain and downtime.

Dermalux helps boost your complexion leaving you with smoother refined skin.

Dermalux combined with skincare can accelerate the results and leave you with glowing, beautiful skin.


Skin Concerns
Dermalux has 7 different protocols, meaning we can target many different skin concerns and problems. 

Dermalux Blue - Blemish fighting blue light helps destroy the bacteria that leads to spot prone skin. A course of 12 sessions will help with skin clarity and improve the complexion and texture of your skin.

Dermalux Red - Rejuvenating red light helps restore your cells, helping boost renewal, boost collagen, help elastin and increase hydration. This treatment will help target fine lines restoring your vitality and glow. 

Dermalux NIR - A treatment that can help pigmentation, irritation, redness, by advanced rejuvenation to promote healthier skin.

An explanation of how it works...



Dermalux LED Phototherapy Trial with Consultation (one per person)


Dermalux LED Phototherapy Express (30 mins)


Pre-Paid Course of 12 £350

Dermalux LED Phototherapy Enhanced (45 mins)


Dermalux LED Phototherapy Add-on Treatment (20 min)

To selected face and body treatments


For examples of combined treatments please visit our CRYSTAL CLEAR page.

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