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 Mii Natural Nail Care   

All Mii formulas are blended using the most advanced ingredients to nurture nails and produce the most outstanding results. CEO of British based company Gerrard International and expert manicurist of over 30 years, Susan Gerrard worked with leading laboratories worldwide to develop highly effective prescriptive treatments, long lasting, fast drying colours and super glossy finishes to deliver standout manicures and pedicures that nurture not damage the natural nail.


As a trained Nail Cultivist qualifying in 1993 with Susan's company and working alongside them ever since, Maria understands the structure of each client's nails as the key to success to restore health and wellness to natural nails. The complete Mii manicure and pedicure range including the Statement Gel, focuses on caring for the natural nail with a bespoke salon and homecare regime tailored to your individual needs. Mii's tried and tested prescriptive treatments nurture nails, cuticles and skin to deliver outstanding results.


The formulas are blended with a multitude of high quality active ingredients, ethically and sustainably sourced, suitable for vegans and strictly not tested on animals.

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Pricing and Treatments

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Mii Manicures


Nails have their own specific strengths and weaknesses - just like hair and skin. It is impossible to treat all nails the same and keep them healthy. That's why the foundation of the Mii System is its precision, allowing us to customize our service to treat specific nail types and problems. Nails may be Weak & Damaged, Thin & Peeling, Hard & Brittle or Normal but Mii offers all the products you need for your nail type, for extraordinary results. The Mii Signature Manicure blend includes soothing camomile, calming thyme, antioxidant blueberry and moisturising aloe vera.

Indulge Mii...Enhanced Manicure      75m      £40

Treat Mii...Standard Manicure           60m      £30

Fly By Mii...Express Manicure            30m      £25


Thermal Spa Paraffin Wax

Hand Treatment                                  30m      £25

Add on to Standard Manicure            30m      £20      

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Statement Gel Polish


Our soak off Statement Gel Polish is for clients looking for a quick to dry, longer lasting manicure and pedicure. Ideal for busy people with busy hands and feet, our self-levelling formula is fume free and can be easily removed without damage to the natural nail. Containing a nourishing superfruit formula of yuzu and bacuri oil along with vitamin E it's not only gentle on the nails, it protects them as they grow. Most importantly, you will love around two to three weeks of everlasting colour. Applied like a normal polish, it dries immediately under an LED light, there is no smudging and the nails stay flawless & shiny.


Statement Gel with: 

Enhanced Manicure      75m      £45

Standard Manicure      60m      £35

Express Manicure     45m      £30

Enhanced Pedicure      90m      £55

Standard Pedicure      75m      £45

Express Pedicure     45m      £30


Gel Refresh      30m      £25

Soak Off & Condition       30m      £25

Mii Pedicures


Begin your pedicure journey with an exclusive array of personalized foot treatments that will inspire your mind, body and soul. This state-of-the-art pedicure system cleanses and exfoliates dry, dull skin cells and rejuvenates skin to a healthier, softer condition. Awaken and renew your senses with the uplifting fragrances of lemon and green tea.


Indulge Mii...Enhanced Pedicure      75m      £50

Treat Mii...Standard Pedicure           60m      £40

Fly By Mii...Express Pedicure            30m      £25


Thermal Spa Paraffin Wax

Foot Treatment                                  30m      £25

Add on to Standard Pedicure           30m      £20 

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